How to make money in DR11?

While store your APK files, you can earn money uploading it to DR11. You will earn between $0.01 to $0.99 for each apk uploaded. All of it will depends on the quality of Apk upload and whether or not it repeated before on the website. Also you can earn by downloads

1. Create a FREE account and start uploading files.
2. Upload your files, and share them with everyone you know. Share them on facebook / twitter and in any way You can.
3. Downloads are counted in real time, You will be able to track your earnings by going to the Dashboard tab.
4. Each month earned funds will be approved for payment.

Get paid up to $50 per 10000 downloads
Tier 1 Countries: USA, United Kingdom. - $50
Tier 2 Countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Canada - $25
Tier 3 Countries: Other - $3
- Rates stated are per 10000 downloads.
- $50 means 50 US Dollars.
- Each IP address is counted once every 24 hours.
- Downloads are counted once the user completes the download.

Register now and start earning money. It is free.