The PlatoAR Card

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Updated Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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This app turns your phone into a decoder for a PlatoAR Pocket Magic Card to unleash mathemagical insights and other useful information from a seemingly boring business card. Don't have my card? Print it here http// Decode the usual contact info from the front side of the card. The back side of the card is collectible - and where the mathemagic happens. === Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, Fibonacci Sequence === Pocket Fibonacci calculator touch the gray box to enter n and calculate the nth term of the Fibonacci sequence Keep getting more digits of phi Touch the upper right corner of the card (physically, on paper), as indicated by the Touch for More Digits sign. Touch the Fibonacci Flower button to toggle on a 3D pinecone-floret. Drag the slider around to observe its spin. Touch and hold the round spiral button overlayed on the corner of the screen... and move the camera upwards and away from the paper to "grow" some Fibonacci cubes and to extrude the golden spiral! Plaster the plane with Fibonacci flowers touch the button that sticks "out of the page" to observe how a golden spiral forms from this succession of rectangles. ..... Read more