WW2 Quiz (Unreleased)

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Updated Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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How much knowledge about the World War 2 do you have? Test yourself in this WW2 Quiz! This WW2 quiz will provide you with interesting World War 2 topics for you to learn more about. This application allows you to challenge yourself on how much information about the Second World War you have. Answer all questions and find new aspects of World War 2 you didn't know before in WWII Quiz! Now you can check and improve your knowledge with tons of different WW2 themed questions and facts! Are you well familiar with World War II history, its important events, commanders, military equipment, and ammunition? Do you enjoy learning something new in World history and wars? With a beautifully designed layout you will have an opportunity to learn some interesting facts in a pleasurable way. If you want you can also submit your own questions and answers, for other users to see. This app is not finished yet. It lacks medium and hard level questions. If you have the knowledge, it is highly appreciated if you submit your own questions. For more information on how to do this, go into the app. If you want to translate the app onto your language, go here https//crwd... Read more