File Manager ( File Explorer ) 2017

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Updated Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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File manager apps are becoming more and more important in everyone who are owning an Android phone because of its usefulness and convenience. With them, you can browse your files, find your downloads, manage your storage space, move things around and a lot more. Not everyone is too keen on file organization because it can be boring, but everyone still needs a file browser. Here we introduce to you the best and the newest file manage app on Android A Plus File Manager. 📝 A Plus File Manager is the newest app to help you manage files easily in 2017. It gives you one of the best sets of features without adding too much bloat. You'll get basic file management features along with cloud storage features, NAS support, and more. You can even browse your installed apps, music, and video with this and the player has a very good outcome. Our A Plus File Manager is very easy to use. This is extremely preferable if you really just want something simple to learn. A Plus File Manager features a material design interface, the basic file management features (copy, paste, delete, SD card support, play audio and video file, store images, files and provide FTP server), and root access. There is also support for 20 languages and it has a built-in text editor, gallery, and music player. A Plus File Manager does provide cloud storage or network storage support. We also add the options for you to categorize files into many categories like videos, documents, images, music, apks and much more. You also can manage the storage and memory from the phone easily with our tools. This is truly an all-in-one file manager that you ever need in your Android phone, and it is totally FREE of charge for everyone to download and install it. ⬇ ==== A PLUS FILE MANAGER MAIN FEATURES ==== ⭐File Manager A Plus File Manager has some management features that help you to manage your file. You can copy and paste your files to/from your phone’s memory from/to SD cards, computers, your local area network and cloud storage accounts. We also offer an option to root access your phone. ⭐Categorize You can categorize your files for easier management. We already put some basic categories like videos, documents, images, music, audios, apks and download for you, you can also add more if you have more of that or to separate them into smaller categories. 💼 ⭐Storage and memory management There is an option to show how the storage and memory of your phone is currently occupied, that helps you to take control of your phone more simply. ⭐FTP server The FTP server (also known as the File Transfer Protocol) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client server on a computer network. We offer you a free FTP server so you can easily transfer your files and data through computer. 💾 ⭐Friendly UI With experiences of 5+ years in creating Android apps, we are confident that we work hard to provide you a simplest user interface that anyone can download and use. ⭐ Secured Everything that is stored in our file manager is completely secured. You are now worry-free from the fear of the leak files that someone can reach your private data. 🔐 Manage your files efficiently and easily with A Plus File Manager! A Plus File Manager helps you handle all the important files whether it is stored in your phone’s memory, SD cards, local area network or cloud storage accounts. If you have any question or to report any bug, don’t hesitate to send us an email... Read more