Automotive Electrical Circuits and Wiring

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AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS AND WIRING Learning Objective Identify charging, starting, ignition, and accessory-circuit components, their functions, and maintenance procedures. Identify the basic types of automotive wiring, types of terminals, and wiring diagrams. The electrical systems on equipment used by the Navy are designed to perform a variety of functions. The automotive electrical system contains five electrical circuits. These circuits are as follows (fig. 2-1) Charging circuit Starting circuit Ignition circuit Lighting circuit Accessory circuit Electrical power and control signals must be delivered to electrical devices reliably and safely so electrical system functions are not impaired or converted to hazards. This goal is accomplished through careful circuit design, prudent component selection, and practical equipment location. By carefully studying this chapter and the preceding chapter, you will understand how these circuits work and the adjustments and repairs required to maintain the electrical systems in peak condition. Table of contents CHARGING CIRCUIT BATTERY CONSTRUCTION BATTERY CASE, COYER, AND CAPS. BATTERY CAPACITY BATTERY CHARGING PLACING NEW BATTERIES IN SERVICE BATTERY MAINTENANCE CLEANING THE BATTERY AND TERMINALS. BATTERY TEST CELL VOLTAGE TEST. GENERATORS REGULATION OF GENERATOR OUTPUT GENERATOR MAINTENANCE GENERATOR REPAIR ARMATURE TEST. ALTERNATORS RECTIFIER ASSEMBLY... Read more