India Fuel Price

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Updated Monday, February 5, 2018
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India Fuel Price is very simple and intuitive app to check daily Petrol and Diesel, CNG and LPG Gas prices in your city. As app is still in primary phase with limited daily price functionalities but as it grows older you will have more features to take a close look at daily changes in prices of Fuel in your city. Current Features ~ As app says you can check Daily Petrol and Diesel prices in major Cities of India. ~ You can search your City. Coming Soon ~ Price update graph ~ Daily price notifications if you wish ~ Last 7 days prices. Disclaimer Prices may vary from Outlet to Outlet within a city based on many factors which affects pricing. Want to find latest petrol and diesel prices in different cities/town in India? Here's a simple app that gives you latest fuel prices just on a tap. Select a state and get the list of prices of petrol and diesel in all major cities and towns... Read more