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Updated Monday, February 5, 2018
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OfferCam is a Dashcam which pays for you to drive. Mount your phone horizontally so, you could comfortable in driving from the video output. You will get rewards for the recording and be uploading the video. Upload is auto-connected with the Wifi. Why we collect the data ? 1. We analyze the data which you upload to look for key information such as potholes, fallen signs, changing road condition etc. 2. We also update the right authorities with this information, so the entire action time can be reduced. What’s in it for you ? 1. With every upload of the video, the user gets points and later on, it can be converted to money. 2. The user can use those points for buying various coupons, available in OfferCam store. 3. OfferCam can keep a track record of all your journey in trip history so you can analyze your travel better. For details, check FAQ... Read more