Wooden Eyewear

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Updated Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Lately, many people who are already innovating to make eyeglass frames from wood, this work in addition to interest by a lot of people also have high artistic value. Many people choose sunglasses models only tailored to the tastes, regardless of the shape of their faces. In fact, when we choose the form of glasses, should we choose glasses that fit to the shape of our face. Why is that? Karen wrong selection of glasses it will only make you look even weirder to be not optimal. Square face If you have a square face shape minus the glasses are suitable for your use is the top frame sunglasses with a bow-shaped curve. Forms of minus glasses will help disguise the memorable square face firmly. At least a soft impression will appear. You just choose the color of the frame in accordance with what you want. Round face Do not hesitate to choose a square frame with a dark color, such as black or if you like, you can use the color green. The frame shape will help disguise your round face. face Triangle The owner of the triangular faces generally have a fairly wide forehead, then getting down increasingly slim. So sometimes very pointy chin memorable. Do not worry! You can still look stunning by wearing oval frame. Just choose the color of its frame. You are free inspirational with this color. Oval face Be thankful you have an oval face. You are free to express the various forms of eyeglass frames. Every day change-any frame shape did not seem to be a problem for you... Read more