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MovieDroid S 2015

Upload by: Anonymous | Size: 9.2 MB
MovieDroid is an Android app designed to navigate through websites that offer movies via streaming fast and easy. With MovieDroid you will be able to easily move between the available contents play the available videos using the integrated player or ...

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD

Upload by: winazure | Size: 9.7 MB
Dinosaurs boasts some of the most advanced AI on the platform developed from pea brains dummies to dangerous creatures that can see hear and feel the adrenaline in the blood hunter . Separate 3D environments including pine forests muddy lagoon and th...

Stick Hero Game

Upload by: Anonymous | Size: 8.8 MB
Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out! If the stick is not long enough you will fall down!

Octopus Invasion

Upload by: winazure | Size: 47.4 MB
Octopus Invasion the Cephalopod Space Shooter Open fire! Experience the captivating world of space games as a cold blooded calamari in Octopus Invasion. Enraged by the destruction of your home planet at the hands of aggressive aliens you set out on a...

The real aquarium HD

Upload by: Anonymous | Size: 4.6 MB
We ve launched the HD version! It s basically the same than the traditional Real Aquarium but with better images more backgrounds optional sound and it s quicker to download because now you can download the backgrounds when you re going to use it. En...

Ghost Hunter

Upload by: winazure | Size: 31.4 MB
Description Join the Ghost Hunters who have been assembled to exterminate Ghosts! Use spectacular attack skills against hordes of vampires zombies and mummies to collect their Souls! Challenging dungeons filled with unique Ghosts. Upgrade your Hunte...

Chibi Kings

Upload by: Anonymous | Size: 42.2 MB
Lord Akaros at your feet! It remains the only win of his. Meet the mysterious MMORPG world torn by dynamic mezhdousbnymi war. Choose one of three races and become obustroy castle lord Akarosa. Features The game is free 3 War races: elves humans and ...

Atlantic Fleet

Upload by: Anonymous | Size: 14.9 MB
KNOWN ISSUES 1 Initial release is experiencing crash on start up for some devices. 2 Crashes during play on some devices. 3 Graphics problems on some devices. We are working to fix these problems over the next several updates but recommend delaying ...

Amelia | Kids Story Book

Upload by: winazure | Size: 47.1 MB
Amelia and Terror of The Night is an interactive graphic story book for kids. Intellectually and visually interesting filled with invention. It is a journey to the far off land of adventures games hidden secrets and unique quests. Meet Amelia a litt...

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Upload by: winazure | Size: 26.8 MB
Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a game which gives you a world of colorful fairy with crown and throne in hand . There the player will have to govern the whole 1 large kingdom. Of course so you also have to solve everything from big to small such as ...